Taking the piss outta NFTs?

You'll need a urinal. It's free.

A Urinal?

It's not just a urinal, it's art.

R. Mutt is a free-to-mint generative collection of 2,048 unique, meme-able, 3-D, and fully-interactive, NFT parodies of Marcel Duchamp's famous work, Fountain.


In a prank gone awry, Marcel Duchamp took the Society of Independent Artists' up on an offer to display any work, so long as a fee was paid, at their first 'unjuried' 1917 exhibition in Midtown Manhattan.

He submitted Fountain. An upturned urinal, he bought down the street, and signed 'R. Mutt.'

The board, of which Duchamp was a member, refused to display the piece citing vulgarity and plagiarism.

He resigned in protest, denouncing Parisian gatekeepers, while exclaiming, "Art is anything the artist says it is!"

Duchamp's Fountain subsequently became one of the most influential works of the 21st century.

Sound Familiar?

Like NFTs, Marcel Duchamp's Fountain forever changed the publics perception of art.

A proto-meme, it's popularity upended traditionalism, subverted censorship, and birthed conceptual art. Without it, there would be no Warhol, no Hirst, no Goblintown.wtf.

So, while collections like rektguy take the piss out of NFTs, let's memorialize the pisser that started it all.


R. Mutt is the first drop in a series of three free-to-mint generative NFT collections by Art101.

With a licensed Bored Ape, Croc, Mutant, Moo, and more, each unique Fountain comes readymade with a plethora of NFT-themed traits.

R. Mutt is a stealth drop, approximately 1100 free-to-mint NFTs will be made publicly available from the get-go.

The remaining 900 or so are reserved for 48 hours. In keeping with our first roadmap, holders of all three original Art101 drops, Non-Fungible Soup, MondrianNFT, and Bauhaus Blocks, will be given a 48 hour reserved 1:1 mint via snapshot.

After the 48 hour window, reserved mints are forfeit and once again available to the public.

***Owners of R. Mutt NFTs will receive a reserved free mint of Art101's upcoming Matisse-inspired drop, NFT-isse.***


Founded June 2021, Art101 is among the original purveyors of free-to-mint NFTs.

Developed entirely in-house, with original art by @Cartyisme and development by @lza_menace, R. Mutt is Art101's seventh free-to-mint NFT drop and the first mint in a series of three art history themed NFT collections.

Learn more @ https://art101.io

It's free, fuck you.

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